Indoorkiting – my favorite

Do you know what Indoorkiting is?

It’s flying kites in gyms, halles, hotels, churches and everywhere were you have no wind but some space. Those kites are similar to the once you might have seen at the coast (with one line, two lines or four lines) but very lightwight.

My favorite kite is called “Poldi” and was designed by my dear friend Ralf Elias. It’s a two line kite with a size of approx. 180 cm and a weight of about 80 gramm.

 This picture shows my daughter and me in the main halle in Leipzig doing a pair demo with a two line kite (the Poldi) and a four line kite (Revolution). Without wind but with a nice music mix from the Blues Brothers.


About Carajandb

I'm an Oracle professional for more than 20 years and founder of CarajanDB. As you can see because of the layout of my blog one of my hobbys is Kiting - and esp. Indoorkiting.
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