About me

I’m an Oracle professional for more than 20 years starting as a System Consultant at Oracle Germany. I worked several years as Projectmanager at Herrmann & Lenz Services GmbH near Cologne and from 2005 to 2011 I was Technical Director at Quest Software GmbH responsible for the ADM (Application Database Management) presales group.Since October 2011 I have my own company: CarajanDB – specialized on Oracle consulting.

CarajanDBOver the past 10 years I wrote three books about the Oracle database together with my dear friends Dierk Lenz, Patrick Schwanke and Dr. Günter Unbescheid. The latest one “Oracle 11g Release 2 für den DBA” was published at Addison-Wesley in October 2010.

Unfortunately all the books are German only ;-(

Oracle 9i für den DBAOracle 10g für den DBAOracle 11g Release 2 für den DBA

But I have other interests as well. As you can see because of the page layout kiting is very important for me. And especially in a very odd manner: Indoorkiting. If you want to know more about that sport visit my blogs in the Kiting category.


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